Getting the program:
I had a dilemma when I started this web site.  I relied in part on the function of the computer program I had written.  I wanted everybody to be able to check it out.  But if I released the source code, I would be in danger of creating a monster.  This puppy works computers to death.  A computer virus is bad enough.  It can wipe out your files and software.  This can wipe out hardware.  Simply turning it loose was not and is not an option.

I can lock the program onto a disk so that it cannot be copied.  This at least limits damage to those who physically get the disc, and I have given away a number of copies.  But cost is a consideration, and I could not and cannot just say I will give the program to anybody who wants it.

The problem may have resolved itself.  At this time, there seem to be no more than a couple dozen people in the world who check the site regularly, and I don’t know how many of them are simply web crawling robots that do not read for understanding.  So if you are reading this with in a couple of days of its first posting, you are one of precious few.  So I am putting aside 25 copies of the locked program.  Of course I shall need reassurance that you will handle it responsibly so if you read this and want a copy, just email me at and let’s see if we can work something out so you can tell me where to send it.  It is now 2/4/9 and the offer will be good until 2/14/9.  Only one copy per person, please, but it is fair game to tell your friends.

There have been 917 visitors so far. This is research, not advice.  Linton Herbert

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