Open letter to Economist.  September 4, 2009
25 St James’s Street
London SW1A 1HG
United Kingdom

Dear Sir:
I read your review of Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam and the West with utter horror.  You quote Enoch Powell denouncing mass immigration: like the Roman, “I seem to see the river Tiber foaming with much blood.”  Islam is the least of worries if that.

You record that, “Only 19% of Europeans think immigration is a good thing.”  Two advantages of democracy over mob rule are that a democracy can look to the future, and in a democracy the will of the people can, for a time, be defied by heads that might be wiser.  The length of that time is quite clear: it is until the next election, long enough to present arguments to the contrary.  If the people are denied their will for longer, it is a failure of democracy.  That is now the case.  Our trappings of rule by consent are farce.  As for the future, immigration is effectively irreversible, and like execution must requite virtually unanimous support if it is justifiable at all; the future has a stake, and the future is disenfranchised. 

Enacting unpopular policy is dangerous.  Within living memory the bridges over the Marne were choked with the bloated corpses of the Vichy government.  (I have spoken with only a single eye witness, but I believe it because of supporting circumstantial evidence.  Why don’t you have your Paris office check it out?)  The future is never very far away. 

Defying the people is worse than dangerous.  It is treason.  

But the matter is worse still.  Among humans marrying someone less related than 6th cousin reduces your fertility below what is needed for long term survival.  I leaned that from you and verified it against the original article from Iceland.  Europe has a dire problem with low fertility.  I also learned that from you and verified it against original UN statistics.  Rich people would indeed like to have enough babies to survive.  I learned that from you, too, and as I checked it out against the original article I noticed, as you had not mentioned, that for any level of social development there was a secular decline in fertility.  Since environment was controlled for, the fall was genetic, verifying the Iceland study.

By now any honest government should have warned its people against the dangers of indiscriminate mating within its borders, closed its borders to all outsiders and warned off any who would enter illegally.  The boat you describe with women aborting and dying as it made its way to Italy might never have made that tragic voyage if they had known they were only trying to sneak into a death trap. 

It is not just the Tiber and the Marne.  The Guadalquivir, the Danube, the Rhine, the Seine, the Thames, the Potomac and the sewers of every city of the developed world now foam with the blood of unborn babies crying out to you, “Genocide. Our governments have killed us.  Speak!” 

Faithfully yours,

M. Linton Herbert MD

Ps. Don’t worry if you mislay this letter.  I am posting it on my web site, where you may read it as many times as you like.   

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