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In a few weeks, if things go according to plan, I shall make the program that I talk about so much available on the web site.  I cannot promise it for a number of reasons, but at this point it seems like a good idea.

Of course you don’t need the program.  The UN statistics clearly point to a difficulty with reproduction in developed regions of the world, and the Iceland study clearly implies that mating choice is the key issue.  The Sibly study backs that up.  I believe no further evidence is needed.

But the program is so impressive in the way it proposes a model and predicts reproductive rates that I think it is helpful in understanding the problem.  So I would like to post it.  My computer platform is Windows XP Professional.  My web host is Godaddy.  My program for posting things is Adobe Dreamweaver C53.  I understand these are solid mainstream resources.  Before the posting, according to the tech support at Godaddy, the program needs to be converted into PHP or some other form the servers can digest. 

Having worked with it a little, I have found two ways to do that.  First, you can open a file in PHP and paste in the source code.  Or you can change the extension of the filename to .php  The problem is that neither actually works.  Here is an example.

The program is Randy, a random number generator.  Rand is user friendly, in fact maybe a little bit too friendly, but we don’t have to be grim all the time. 

Clicking on the button


ought to bring up the program so you can start using it.  Instead all it does is bring up the source code.  The source code is not guarded, so that is all right, but it is not very useful unless you have a C++ compiler, which is no longer available from Microsoft.  So far the score is cyberspace 1, nobabies zero. 

That is not the only oddity I have noticed.  I thought all you had to do to make a web link was type in an address, but the one on the home page does not connect.  No problem.  Were anybody interested it would just be a matter of copying into the search engine.  And the front page does not always load completely, which is already announced at the top of the home page, and reloading from it seems to work.

Of course none of this is of any interest if nobody is going to look at it.  So if you are interested in seeing the program work and have any ideas, drop me a line at

Most pages I post I leave up, but this one is only a procedural comment so you may consider it subject to change when things change. 

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Here's the next test:


Hmm. That didn't work either. 

9/15/8 I don't know whether you have noticed, but posting this program isn't going so well.  In fact I have not made the slightest progress. And I have not received a single request that I hurry up and post the program.  I would still like to do it, so if you know how, please drop me a line. 

Meanwhile, I do have a plan to meet with somebody this coming Friday.  We shall be discussing other matters, but I suspect he would be able to solve this in a trice, either telling me how to put the program up on this server or how to establish an internet service provider site in a small way. 
Wish me luck. 

9/20/08  Well that meeting got canceled, so we have set up again.  Meanwhile my other resourse has left town.  (Sigh) 


Well I finally met with someone truly knowledgeable in information technology and explained to him what I wanted to do.  It made him very unhappy.  He did not think it would be easy to post a program either on my own computer or on the internet server in such fashion as you could use it.  He said he would ask around, but at this point it does not look as if I will be able to do what I would like to do. 


Something will turn up, but I don’t know what.  For now don’t hold your breath waiting for the program.

9/28/8 I got an unexpected call from a knowlegeable friend of a friend last night and I learned some things.  For one thing, the server is simply not equiped to handle this kind of computation.  For another my internet connection is simply not equiped to handle the kind of traffic this might generate. For a third thing, I am in the wrong language.  Sooo.. Did I say don't hold your breath?


12/6/08.  There has been a breakthrough.  Somebody else has just published a critical part of the program talking about a somewhat different subject.  That saves us all a lot of trouble.  I won't have to validate the program since that has been done, and you won't have to trust me or take the trouble to verify my validation of the program or run it yourself.  I hope to post the reference and point out its relevance by the end of the year.

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