Two nice letters:
I have been thrilled to have received within the past few days two letters.  I shall not post the letters of give the reactions of the authors unless I am invited, but both are capable people, extremely bright, each understands what I am saying and each has a sense of humor.  I shall make bold to tell you who they are.

The first came from Niall Ferguson, who wrote War of the World, which I had read and been greatly impressed by. 

The second came from Cesare Marchetti.  He was one of the authors of a paper along with Perrin Meyer, to whom I had written concerning an article of which he was also an author.  I commend his website to you.  It is  There are many papers including forecasts in a number of field.  There is one article in particular that can be accessed easily.  It is

Marchetti, C., Meyer, P.S., and Ausubel, J.H., 1996
Human Population Dynamics Revisited with the Logistic Model: How Much Can Be Modeled and Predicted,
Technological Forecasting and Social Change , 52 :1--30
The link is

It explains what was then the state of the art understanding of how and why populations change.  It is very readable and persuasive. 

I have high hopes that someone will take an active role in pursuing what I have been about.  But right now I am basking in the glow of simply having been noticed.

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